Poetry Events:
Henry Normal
Word Central
Word Central

Poetry for Adults:
Travelling Second Class Through Hope by Henry Normal The Dance of a Thousand Losers byGeneviève L. Walsh Dominic Berry: No Tigers Rosie Garland: As in Judy Mumb by Cathy Crabb Chuang Tse's Caterpillar by Dave Morgan Gerry Potter: The Story Chair Kaleidoscope by Laura Taylor Lustful Feminist Killjoys by Anna Percy & Rebecca Audra Smith Steph Pike: Pétroleuse Jackie Hagan: the script of the show - revised edition Hovis Presley: Poetic Off Licence - entertainment with the emphasis on 'tert Dave Viney is A Poet Called Dave Miller & Rees: potent and poetic Cathy Crabb: from the corner of her mind's eye Gerry Potter: a genre defying opus Anna Percy: love, loss, losing your mind... Rod Tame: the geek shall inherit the earth Fergus Evans: intimate and international Ben Mellor: adapted from his hit show Tony Curry: Tall Tales For Tall Men, because they need all the help they can get Working Verse: debut collection including their debut theatre show The Gerry Potter 50th Anniversary Special Dominic Berry: new poetry and debut solo show script Gerry Potter's Men Pomes - because men don't write poems Dr Glennon: an inveterate seeker of scandal Ben Mellor: BBC Radio 4 poetry slam champion's sensational debut collection The award winning Rosie Garland without the award winning Rosie Lugosi Gerry Potter: domestic fantastic theatre verse from the master Jackie Hagan: affecting and open adult folklore for people like us Gerry Potter: Chloe Poems regenerated Dominic Berry's fiery fruit splattered verse Chloe Poems's final collection Tony Curry: Es, 501s and signing on

Poetry for Children:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Dinosaurs! His face looks like his bottom and his bottom like his face! He is Great Bumbleduke the Third! Goblins! Aaarrrggghhh!!!! Colourquest by A.K. McAllister KS1 fun poetry and picture book Award winning poetry for children

Flapjack Press also produces paperbacks for school workshops, writing groups and community projects. For all enquiries, including bulk trade discount orders, please see the Contacts page, which also lists information for illustrators, cover artists and designers, photographers and regular stockists.

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