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It is, of course, perfectly acceptable and appropriate to read this story by yourself, however it would also be a really good idea to share Colourquest with family, friends, reading groups, theatre groups, school groups - any groups you can get together really. Reading out loud with others is such a healthy pastime, maybe even better than chocolate... maybe.

"Colourquest is a story for colour seekers of all ages and cultures to share... however you read it, I hope you enjoy it." - A. K. McAllister

Colourquest by A.K. McAllister
children's prose & show adaptation, ages 8+ | 2016
ebook £6.49
New Title Out Now
Paperback will be published Summer 2017
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A curse has been imposed on the land of Chromatia by the mysterious Shadowfolk: all colours except for black and white have been eradicated from the world.

Frustrated by the curse and the wall surrounding their home in Monotown, two children, Talia and Aaron, agree to go on a dangerous adventure - a fantastical quest to take back the stolen Heartstone and restore colour to the land.

A story for all the family to share.

Cover art & illustrations by the author.

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