Recently named "literary hero" by The Skinny, Rosie is an award-winning poet, novelist and singer with post-punk band The March Violets. With a passion for language nurtured by libraries, she started out in spoken word, garnering praise from Apples and Snakes as "one of the country's finest performance poets". Her debut novel, The Palace of Curiosities [HarperCollins, 2013], was nominated for both The Desmond Elliott and the Polari First Book Prize and won Book of the Year in the Co-op Respect Awards 2013. Her second novel, Vixen [Borough Press, 2014], was a Green Carnation Prize nominee. Her third, The Night Brother, was published in 2017.

Rosie Garland: As in Judy
As in Judy
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9955012-0-1 | 76pp | 2016
rrp £8.00 | ebook £5.99

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"She combs her hair long, a black sheet
to cover the new mouth at the back
of her neck, where angry stories leak out..."

Behind the scenes in the life and mind of the award-winning poet, novelist, groundbreaking performance artist and singer with The March Violets, Rosie Garland (as in Judy).

"You spend all that time trying to understand the world, its family relationships, friendships, social systems through a serial adventure of episodes mundane and or memorable. You spend all that time trying to fit into the human. Then, you are propelled into realisation through a life-threatening disease. Travelling not outward into the world but inward to the beating heart of the matter, you dive deep into the DNA. You are the resplendent there. You are the clicking queen of the insects. When you dress again in flesh and skin, you go amongst the sleeping humans and new and glittering worlds are left in your wake. Welcome to Rosie Garland!" - John Hyatt

"One of the reasons I love Rosie's work so much is because she provides food for thought. She addresses issues that need addressing, and imagines the inner and outer landscapes we all inhabit with eloquence and grace. Shine your light, Rosie." - David Hoyle

Claire Booker reviews As in Judy at Write Out Loud.

Interview with Rosie at The Ink Pantry.

from As in Judy © Rosie Garland, 2016

She combs her hair long, a black sheet
to cover the new mouth at the back
of her neck, where angry stories leak out.
At night, its whispers drag

her from her bed and into the heart
of the city. She grins a slice of moon.
Her new lips smack, demand
scarlet lipstick, wine, the sweet breasts

of women and the hearts of men.
She roars in alleyways, throws away
the keys, laughs loud as a bucket
hauled up from life's well.

Her prince comes. She needs rescue
from the witch's curse.
He carries knives to shear her hair
and ram it down her throat, deep.

Things I Did While I Was Dead by Rosie Garland
Things I Did While I Was Dead
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9555092-5-4 | 52pp | 2010
rrp £7.50 | ebook £5.49

Flapjack Press
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"Give me heat. I want to singe my fingers.
I want them sticky, messy down and dirty,
I want life and all it costs..."

Powerfully articulating diverse themes including childhood, relationships, gender and serial-killers, Rosie's first collection since beating throat cancer showcases her thought-provoking and passionate award-winning poetry.

"Candid, tender and surprising, these are poems about love and longing, myth and mirrors, the self and the other self. Things I Did While I Was Dead packs a powerful punch." - Jackie Kay MBE, poet & novelist

"One of the country's finest performance poets." - Apples and Snakes

"She is the mistress of language, whether it's making you laugh or informing your emotions. Here is a courageous artist with guile and expertise in equal measure." - Gerry Potter, poet & playwright

"A national treasure." - Dead Good Poets Society

Rosie performing 'Devon & on & on' at Manchester Book Market organised by Literature Northwest.

Cover photo by Holly Fairclough.

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