Dave Morgan is a writer, educationalist and community arts organiser in the North West of England. He co-founded the performance poetry organisation Write out Loud with Julian Jordon in 2004 and more recently has been a co-curator of the Live from Worktown Festivals in Bolton, Lancashire.

Chuang Tse's Caterpillar by Dave Morgan
Chuang Tse's Caterpillar
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9955012-4-9 | 40pp | 2016
rrp £5.00 | ebook £3.99


"If this collection has a theme, it is that of impermanence. Coping with change, temporality and uncertainty is one of our great struggles. We are deluded if we feel our lives are built on rock solid foundations. Despite this we strive to create some little temporary paradise for ourselves and, quite surprisingly, for others." - Dave Morgan

"Change is the metaphysics of our age." - Richard Kostelanetz

"We are not wholly bad or good / 
Who live our lives under Milk Wood." - Dylan Thomas

"Man at his best does not seek to be well-known but seeks to be worth knowing." - Confucius

Greg Freeman reviews Chuang Tse's Caterpillar at Write Out Loud.

Cover design by Brink. Author photo by Louise Coulson.

Dave Morgan: photo by Louise Coulson

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