Gerry Potter is a poet, playwright, director, actor, and both creator and destroyer of the infamous gingham diva, Chloe Poems. A favourite son of Manchester and his home town Liverpool, he trained at Everyman Youth Theatre and National Museums Liverpool lists him among the city's leading LGBTQ+ icons. His published works are included in both the poetry and philosophy collections at Harvard University, and the portrait documentary My Name is Gerry Potter [Dir. Alejandro Negueruela / Prod. Mike Carney] premiered at Homotopia in 2015. Gerry has a reputation for putting his Scouse voice on the line, and is strong on poetry and strong on the causes of poetryism.

Manchester Isn't the Greatest City in the World by Gerry Potter
Manchester Isn't the Greatest City in the World
The Rise and Rise of The Bourgeois Zeitgeist
adult poetry, prose & plays / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-1-9996707-4-0 | 294pp | 2018
rrp £12.00 | ebook £8.49

Flapjack Press
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Part love letter to his adopted home city of Manchester, part critique of the arts and governing bodies (both specific and societal), Gerry's eighth collection of autobiographical, domestic/fantastic theatre-verse is a socio-political, hard-hittin' 'n' thought-provokin' collection of poetry, prose and plays.

Adhering to working-class and socialist principles, this polemic discourse on the rise and rise of The Bourgeois Zeitgeist challenges perceptions, misrepresentations and acceptance, and acts as a rallying call for those seeking to confront privilege and injustice.

"It really is incredibly easy to get an audience to applaud anything these days, TED Talks and The X Factor have seen to that, you kinda just have to tell them something Positivia-inspired dripping in Inspirationalism and they'll unanimously roar. There seems to be a major-city patriotic jingoism manifesting too, not just here in Manchester, everywhere; it now appears all cities are the greatest cities in the world. While this may be more than enough for some folk, I'm afraid it's nowhere near enough for me."
- from 'The Bourgeois Zeitgeist'

Definitely no Inspirationalism and absolutely no Positivia!
Monday 8th September 2018, on the News... The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has recorded 449 deaths due to homelessness in Britain - in one year. How many mentally and physically ill, how many right now facing homelessness, how many dead since last recorded, how many more will die?
Reason, if reason was ever needed, why no place in our greed 'n' perilous land can call itself the greatest city in the world.
And also on the News... A clip of Theresa May at the previous week's Tory Party Conference, standing in front of a big blue backdrop, emboldened with white lettering proclaiming OPPORTUNITY!
This book is dedicated to every one of the above and all who suffer under Conservative Austerity.

Manchester Isn't the Greatest City in the World includes 80 poems, 2 play scripts, a 20,000 word treatise on The Bourgeois Zeitgeist and the latest of the author's infamous Outroductions.
Plus a Foreword by Caleb Everett.

Read an interview with Gerry in The Guardian.

Cover design by Brink. Adapted from an idea by the author & Maria Barrett.

Accidental Splendour of the Splash by Gerry Potter
Accidental Splendour of the Splash
adult poetry & plays / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9932370-7-2 | 280pp | 2017
rrp £10.99 | ebook £7.99 

Flapjack Press
Central Books

In his seventh autobiographical collection of domestic/fantastic theatre-verse, Gerry navigates an ocean of poems and little splashes. From Scottie Road to saunas, Hammer films to heartfelt and articulate politics, and the lost and found of loves and lives, this is where mythos becomes proven fact.

Accidental Splendour of the Splash also includes the script of Gerry's hit play 'Miracle', and a Foreword by Roger Hill.

Cover design by Brink.

The Story Chair by Gerry Potter
The Story Chair
adult poetry & play / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9932370-9-6 | 130pp | 2016
rrp £9.00 | ebook £6.99

Flapjack Press
Central Books

"The Vacant Chair echoes throughout my life. They're vibrant, mystical, time-travelling things, telling tales of the end of lives, of invisible families, of no-longer friends, half-written legendary lovers. Story chairs indeed."

In his sixth autobiographical collection of poetry and prose Gerry explores his fascination with Ireland and a culture steeped in storytelling. Recalling news reports from his childhood he retraces history, experiencing passion, politics and conflict in a poignant and provocative road trip through time.

The Story Chair includes a Foreword by Abby Oliveira and concludes with the RPF play 'Last Ceilidh in Liverpool'.

Gerry reads from The Story Chair.

The Chronicles of Folly Butler by Gerry Potter
The Chronicles of Folly Butler
adult poetry & plays / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9576639-3-0 | 236pp | 2014
rrp £10.00 | ebook £6.99

Flapjack Press
Central Books

"Before extreme shyness,
before understanding trauma,
in colourful council of infancy, Folly Butler takes root..."

Gerry's fifth collection of domestic fantastic, theatre verse.
A genre defying opus.

The Chronicles of Folly Butler is a three act collection of poetry and plays, and also includes an Epilogue to Fifty.

Gerry performs 'The Buried Catholic'.

The Chronicles of Folly Butler, part one
from Act 1 of The Chronicles of Folly Butler © Gerry Potter, 2014

Teacher's voice telling you to grow,
curl from yourself into a tree,
you 'n' thirty in singlets, knickers, underpants.
Tiny feet pad parquet, taps of little dancers.
Fingers stretching,
Victorian windows,
radio's melody,
piano 'n' puppets,
winter spring sun and free dinners.

Before extreme shyness,
before understanding trauma,
in colourful council of infancy, Folly Butler takes root.
Little like a fairy,
light as a Lightbody,
blemishless 'n' beautiful.

I remember Miss Purcell's purple hair,
twin-set pearled beside young daffodils
and inside story books,
dancing within her words,
Folly Butler.
Saw her in sounds' magic,
in pictures' sounds.
In the joy of Miss Purcell's storytelling,
weaving bobbins,
selling tales.
Miss Purcell loved daffodils.

"Folly Butler" is written in mint green graffiti
on mint green walls and clings.
Warmth from stone steel radiators.
She's mint.
Lived outside books,
outside mouth in others' imagination,
child places even children can't touch.
Less a breath,
more a wisp.

Horrorless mystery,
tweak between comics and Halloween.
Feather-light in snowy relief's of biscuit tins.
In sleepy eyed dreams,
singing and ringing roses.

Folly Butler has a pen,
on a leaf writing in daffodil stories of unborn girls.
About to be seen,

Cover photo by the author.

GerryPotter: Fifty

adult poetry & play / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9570141-6-9 | 132pp | 2012
rrp £8.50 | sorry, paperback out of stock | ebook £4.99


When you are turning fifty, fighting HIV/Hepatitis C co-infections, charged with criminally masterminding the recession and unable to dance - what do you do?
Fuelled by Scouse passion and jangle, Fifty charts a year with honest extravagance. It's an anarchic journey shared with illness and the adverse effects of its medications, with the long haul of being grassed up to the dole, with lost tickets, tags and tangents.
But there is dancing. There must always be dancing...

Fifty tells the story of a remarkable year, some parts of which are already "out there", partially documented in ITV's The Briefs and BBC's Britain in a Day, and concludes with the theatre piece 'How To Be A Better Gay'.

Includes a Foreword by Rosie Garland. 

Cover photo by Lee Baxter.

Gerry Potter: The Men Pomes
The Men Pomes
Because men don't say poems
adult poetry & play / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9570141-0-7 | 144pp | 2011
rrp £8.50 | sorry, paperback out of stock | ebook £4.99


From the drug induced surreal to the gutter sparkle dirty real, Gerry's new collection of domestic fantastic theatre verse delves into all things male, exploring the camaraderie of brothers, the abandonment of fathers and the wit and wisdom of Scousers. It's a collision of bravado, humour and grief, as the man who lived as Chloe Poems for fifteen years unearths working class men as you've never seen them before, finally coming to terms with his masculinity and the men who buttered and battered it into shape.

Gerry's third collection concludes with the remarkable theatre piece 'Bangs His Chest and Roars War at the Universe', a "celestial prequel" to his hit play, 'Miracle'.

Includes a Foreword by Steve Lyons. 

"Gerry Potter is a world-class performer at the height of his powers, delivering intelligent, humane and searching poetry that makes us all ask who we are and who we want to be." - Jo Bell, Director National Poetry Day

Cover image by the author.

Gerry Potter: Planet Middle Age
Planet Middle Age
adult poetry / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9555092-7-8 | 128pp | 2010
rrp £7.50 | sorry, paperback out of stock | ebook £4.99


Gerry explores his own love, grief, friendships, family and journey into Planet Middle Age. It's a journey with jostling and lost tickets, the strength and vulnerability of first-hand secrets and seats warm from the strangers that sat there before, and the intensity and passion that takes us from one planet to another.

Includes a Foreword by Pam Leeson. 

"In his last collection, Potter wrote about killing off his alter-ego Chloe Poems and discovering his Scouse voice. His true voice has never been more expressive than in this latest collection. Here are poems that will amuse, move, inspire and provoke. Long may he continue." - Paul Burston, journalist & author

Cover photo by Shaun Sutton.

Gerry Potter: Planet Young
Planet Young
adult poetry & play / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9555092-3-0 | 116pp | 2009
rrp £8.50 | sorry, paperback out of stock | ebook £4.99


Gerry's first collection of autobiographical theatre verse is a lyrical journey thrusting you ever forward on a magical history tour, brake-slamming and horn-pounding through the domestic and fantastic.

Includes a Foreword by Maria Barrett. 

"If you want to visit Planet Young for one last time, you will finally be able to." - Studio Salford

Cover design by the author & Brink.

Chloe Poems's Li'l Book O' Manchester
Chloe Poems's Li'l Book O' Manchester
adult poetry / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9932370-2-7 | 48pp | 2015
rrp £6.00 | ebook £4.99

Flapjack Press
Central Books

Manchester's full of stories... tell-tale and multi.
In this bountiful collection of "first draft explosions" the infamous gingham diva rides the sound waves of Manchester, revealing the people and places which stir and shape her creative muse.

"Ever wondered what a night around Manchester with Chloe Poems as a tour guide would be like? Well, here it is, improvised and filled with the crackling energy that comes from trusting those initial sparks of inspiration." - conor a, Per Verse

"Chloe Poems is an inspiration. Heroic, poetic and honest." - Mike Garry, poet & author of Mancunian Meander

"At the end of the last century and over into this one, Chloe Poems held the poetry scene together in Manchester with her own lovely bare hands. She is simply one of the greatest live poets you will find." - Neil Bell, actor & sonic poet

First published in 2007 by Mucusart Publications.

Cover & illustrations by Brink.

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