Thick Richard has been peddling his potty-mouthed punk poetry since the turn of the century. He has supported John Hegley, Kate Tempest, Jerry Sadowitz, Arthur Smith, The Fall and (sort of) John Cooper Clarke, performed on BBC Radio 4 and presented Radio 6 Music's Beat of the Day. He was co-host of Bang Said the Gun: Manchester and his one-man show Swear School premiered in 2016 before touring nationally.

Vaudavillain by Thick Richard
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9955012-5-6 | 142pp | 2017
rrp £9.99 NOW 7.99 | ebook £6.49 


Vaudavillain is the first time Thick Richard's words have been securely trapped in a book - a cornucopia of political and personal vitriol, acerbic humour and points well-made. 

Illustrated throughout by the author.

"Thick Richard's poems remind you of things you'd forgotten were true. His words are rattling and brilliant and shoot life back at you in all its futility and chaos and wonder." - Kate Tempest

"I like a bit of fun, but this is ridiculous... Stu-fucking-pendous!" - Dr John Cooper Clarke

"John Cooper Clarke channelling the spirit of Frankie Boyle." - Terry Christian

"Thick Richard is an idiot on drugs. The thundering verse tramples over you leaving an acrid smell in its wake. Excellent. Much funnier than William Wordsworth." - Arthur Smith

"Thick Richard put the how in show business." - Hovis Presley

"Thick Richard is one of the greatest spoken word performers of his generation. His fierce, funny diatribes offer an essential antidote to an ever more sanitised and derivative culture. A unique and authentic working-class voice." - Byron Vincent

"Viciously vivid, violent, vehement, visceral, venomous, vulgar vernacular verse vented and vocalised vigorously at volume via a vexed and volatile virtuoso verbal vagabond. Variously vile, vitriolic, vibrant, virulent and vital." - Tony Walsh AKA Longfella

"Thick Richard ruined my life." - Bob Moyler (ex-Thick Richard and founder member)

'God Hates Stockport' by Thick Richard.

Cover photo by Nathan McDowell.

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