from Chloe Poems's Li'l Book o' Manchester
© Chloe Poems, 2007

Sit in the winter rain
With every cell aching hungry insular
Have a body much older than your
Thirty-two years.
Shiver with a pain that begins in the
Marrow and stings into
Infinity and beyond.
Ask for some small change
And watch people with more money than friends
Pass by
Terrified they've borrowed too much.
The addicted desperate acquisitive
Looking for somewhere 'friendly' to borrow more.
Watch them ignore and think
You've got it easy.
Watch them walk like meerkats
In stilettos made of fire
Trotting blinkless raw
Thinking they work harder than you
Are better than you.
Watch the world's success
As your sores worsen and
Eyes close.
Sit eyes closed in the winter rain
No-one caring if you're alive or dead
Unable to ask
For some small change.