Dominic Berry is a Manchester-based performance poet, whose work has taken him across Europe, and tours of the USA, Canada, Argentina, India, Australia and New Zealand. He has been Glastonbury Festival's poet-in-residence and his awards include winning Manchester Literature Festival's Superheroes of Slam, New York's Nuyorican Poetry Café Slam, and he was publicly voted Saboteur Awards' Best Spoken Word Performer. His TV appearances include BBC's Greg & Celia's Festivals Highlights and Channel 4's My Daughter the Teenage Nudist.

No Tigers by Dominic Berry
No Tigers
adult poetry / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-1-9161479-9-7 | 84pp | 2020
Revised Edition Published January 2020
rrp £9.00

Central Books

Firmly established as Manchester's premier Queer Vegan Poet, Dominic Berry is renowned for his eloquent yet uncompromising stage shows and a desire to confront inequality.
No Tigers includes a series of poems detailing his experiences whilst working in India, plus many of the poems featured in the internationally touring show 'Playing Mortal Kombat Guarantees You Inner Calm'.

Includes a Foreword by Jack Nicholls.

"Hilarious and moving, Berry's work crackles with energy and humanity." - Tim Clare, poet

"Whether he is fiercely flying the flag for vegans or proudly probing into the politics of sexuality, he does so with a smile on his face and a fire in his gut." - Sara Hirsch, UK Poetry Slam Champion

Laura Taylor reviews No Tigers at Write Out Loud.

Dominic performing 'I Will Not Treat a Friend Like an iPod' at Evidently, Salford.

I Hope This Poem Makes Me Lots of Money
from No Tigers © Dominic Berry, 2017

The Headline Poet strides off stage to rapturous applause having been paid for his twenty minute spoken word set what it would take me a month to earn and I am not jealous. The Headline Poet is excellent at getting Headline Poetry gigs he can run a workshop balance a budget is even invited to meetings and that is the same as writing good poetry. The Headline Poet has spent twenty minutes shouting about how delicate he is detailing his history of receiving abuse and funding his pain fists beatings bruises and he has told us to check our privilege check your fucking privilege you congregation of moronic arse-wipes and buy my book.

He lets me share his taxi to a sterile hotel and shows me how to yell at an immigrant taxi driver when he won't break the law by parking in an illegal space I mean for fuck's sake we write haiku. He lets me share a table at a restaurant and shows me how to loudly humiliate a minimum waged waiter who wasn't quick enough delivering our curly fries this is cold shout at that idiot make him blush make him piss his prissy Primark pants call him girl weak little girl we got cold curly fries.

One day I will kill the Headline Poet. One day I will write a poem so heartfelt so humble and so very fucking brave that all the Headline Poets bookings will start to go to me after all isn't that the purpose of us spending all this time together. One day I will have the chance to share a poem so enlightening it will become the new dictionary definition of socialism. I don't care how many ignorant talentless open mic cunts I need to stamp on so that my kind poem can be heard. One day funders will pay me for my kind words what it would take you a year to earn and you will thank me for it while the Headline Poet lies forgotten decomposing beneath a tomb of perfectly completed evaluation forms.

I will not be lonely no one has told me if this will feel lonely but it can't be lonely right you do like me right didn't you hear my poem you must agree my poem is kind.

Cover by Brink.

Wizard by Dominic Berry
adult poetry & show script / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9570141-1-4 | 128pp | 2011
rrp £8.00 | sorry, paperback out of stock

Dominic's heartfelt, honest and inspiring new collection of adult poetry confronts the ever present prejudices of society. Wizard concludes with the script for his debut poetry theatre show, in which he explores the true horror of a broken mental health system.

Includes a Foreword by Jo Warburton.

"Really very inspiring. I love the seriousness and the humour." - Benjamin Zephaniah, Poet

"Dominic is a committed and passionate artist [whose] poetry is at once poignant, personal, profound, and humorous." - Baba Israel, Artistic Director, Contact

"I am always impressed by his desire and determination to push beyond his comfort zone and write work that will challenge himself and his audience." - John McGrath, Artistic Director, National Theatre Wales

"Emotive, intelligent and raw... quite delicious and totally engaging." - Gwen Oakden, City Life

Cover photo by Ian Wallis, design & illustrations by Brink.

Developed in association with Arts Council England and Contact Theatre

Dominic performing 'Princess' at Evidently, Salford.

Tomorrow, I Will Go Dancing by Dominic Berry
Tomorrow, I Will Go Dancing
adult poetry / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9555092-2-3 | 98pp | 2008
rrp £8.00

Flapjack Press
Central Books

Dominic's debut collection of fiery fruit-splattered verse contains many of his slam winning poems. His work is political, passionate, carefully crafted, sincere, kinky sexy, and always immensely enjoyable.

Includes an Entrée by Gerry Potter.

"Beautiful writing. A sharp, unflinching eye." - John McGrath, Artistic Director, National Theatre Wales

"Poetry from the heart and head. A true performer who touches hearts and changes minds." - Jackie Hagan, writer & performer

"Attending a Dominic Berry performance is effervescent and life affirming. Similarly, reading this book will be a stimulating, uplifting experience." - David Hoyle AKA The Divine David

Dominic Berry photo by Ian Wallis

Cover & author photo by Ian Wallis,
illustrations by Brink.

Dominic performing 'I'm Coming Out as Vegan' at Petersfield Write Angle.

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