Sans pretension
from Travelling Second Class Through Hope
© Henry Normal, 2017

We say ‘cul-de-sac’
to make ‘dead end’ sound sunny
We say ‘nouveau riche’
instead of working class with money

We call art ‘avant-garde’
when we don’t understand it
Jumble sales sell ‘bric-à-brac’
which must be French for shit

Let’s call a spud a spud
no more lies or elaborate word contortions
Chips are chips
not pommes frites or french fries
Why say ‘haute cuisine’ when you mean ‘smaller portions’

No more saying we had a ‘tête-à-tête’
when you mean you’ve been nagging
bragging or just chin wagging

And no more calling it a ‘ménage à trois’
when you mean three people shagging