a semaphore-exploding mind-flow 
open mic poetry & spoken word hosted by Tony Curry 

Next event:
Thursday 5th April at
Manchester Central Library, St Peter's Square, Manchester M2 5PD
6pm - 8pm [doors open 5.30pm] 
Free entry 

With special guest George Melling 
Author of I'm Having the Rhyme of My Life


The open mic is now full 
To get your name on the reserve list email mail@flapjackpress.co.uk 
NB Open mic slots are 3 minutes maximum 

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Upcoming events:
Thurs 5th April with special guest George Melling
Wed 2nd May with special guest Hilary Walker
Wed 6th June
Thurs 5th July
Thurs 2nd August
Thurs 6th September
Thurs 4th October
Thurs 1st November
Thurs 6th December

Previous events and guest poets:
[No event in March 2018]
February 2018 with Fat Roland
January 2018 with Potting Shed Pete
December 2017 with Cynthia Buell Thomas
November 2017 (Chorlton Library special event) with Geneviève L. Walsh
November 2017 with Mark Mace Smith
[No event in October 2017]
September 2017 with Dominic Berry
August 2017 with Joy France
July 2017 [no special guest] 
June 2017 [no special guest] 
May 2017 (Withington Library special event) with Ciarán Hodgers
May 2017 with Geneviève L. Walsh
April 2017 with Dave Morgan & The Green Door Ensemble
March 2017 with Cathy Crabb
February 2017 with Rebecca Audra Smith & Anna Percy
January 2017 with Gerry Potter
December 2016 with Dave Viney
November 2016 (Chorlton Library special event) with Rosie Garland
November 2016 with Dr Dermot Glennon
October 2016 with Sarah Miller & Melanie Rees
September 2016 with Marvin Cheeseman
August 2016 with Laura Taylor
July 2016 with Steph Pike 

Tony Curry Tony Curry Potting Shed Pete Cynthia Buell Thomas Geneviève L. Walsh Mark Mace Smith Dominic Berry Joy France Paul Neads Ciarán Hodgers Geneviève L. Walsh Dave Morgan The_Green_Door_Ensemble Cathy Crabb Rebecca Audra Smith Anna Percy Gerry Potter Dave Viney Rosie Garland Dr Dermot Glennon Sarah Miller Melanie Rees Marvin Cheeseman Laura Taylor Steph Pike Tony Curry

[Left to right: Tony Curry (host); Fat Roland; Potting Shed Pete; Cynthia Buell Thomas; Geneviève L. Walsh; Mark Mace Smith; Dominic Berry; Joy France; Paul Neads (guest host, Aug & Sept 2017); Ciarán Hodgers; Geneviève L. Walsh; Dave Morgan; Dave Morgan & The Green Door Ensemble; Cathy Crabb; Becca Audra Smith; Anna Percy; Gerry Potter; Dave Viney; Rosie Garland; Dermot Glennon; Sarah Miller; Melanie Rees; Marvin Cheeseman; Laura Taylor; Steph Pike; Tony Curry] 

Word Central rose from the ashes of Word Jaminn, the open mic night in Chorlton, where we were blessed with such special guest performers as Cathy Crabb, Kieren King, Rod Tame, Jackie Hagan, Sarah Miller & Dominic Berry. 

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