Write for Revolution
from Kaleidoscope
© Laura Taylor, 2016

We danced alone on wooden floors,
volunteers making noise.
In later days, I heard that you had
swallowed lumps for breakfast.

I sat in darkness, closing throat,
felt my own lumps swimming up.
Listening and wondering
of spun-out olive branches.

I went away and thought about
all the sorrow, all the fear,
all the tears we'd shed so far
and wondered, could I help?

Could I stand up to make a change?
To help one person in the world
feel less alone, less apathy?
Could I?

I tried.
I wrote.
I told about

little girls
and lying,
austerity and anger,
violence, injustice,
politricks, hypocrisy,
poverty and luxury,
redundancy and double dips.
Endless fights
for equal rights.

And now there's more of us.
Northern girls with tales to tell.
We reap and sow the seeds of change
and write our lives for you.

We write
for revolution.