Scarlett O'Hara at the Picnic
from Lustful Feminist Killjoys
© Rebecca Audra Smith, 2016

is slutty.
She's got this low cut dress,
shows off deep V of her cleavage.

She's not like the nice girls,
covers up in the hot afternoon.

She's roasting herself
in the sun of the barbecue,
not staying under a parasol.

You can hear the women hum like a hive
with a man-shaped heart.

She picks up their men
with the bend of her waist,
18 inches, she pecks at the food.

She revels in their gaze, why wouldn't she?
She fed them her breathing.
Takes their breath away, steals it back.

She creeps from the afternoon slumber,
time prepared for ladies to nap,
recover from the prep of woman;

fresh for the night time dancing, they sleep.
The men discuss war.

Scarlett, down the staircase,
conquest on her mind.