In the Sunlight Super Store
from Chuang Tse's Caterpillar
© Dave Morgan, 2016

In the Sunlight Superstore
The jars are stacked and labelled,
Each shelf yields its own bedazzled hue.
The Sahara shelf packs jars of liquid gold,
On the Iceland shelf they’re of electric blue.

The expensive light is always near the top,
The budget light is ranged next to the floor,
And in between the light for you and me.
Enough to get you through those shadowed aisles
But never quite enough to clearly see the door.

We wander round the Sunlight Super Store
And stare in wonder at the choices we could make.
If only bottled sunshine was less dear
And we could beg, steal, earn or borrow
Enough to get us out of here.

Outside we’re told the light is grey and unforgiving
So stay in store and shun the murky street.
So we walk round the aisles in partial darkness,
That tempting light from all those stoppered bottles
Just enough to see our shackled feet.