Episode 1: Monotown [excerpt]
from Colourquest
© A. K. McAllister, 2016

The townfolk of Monotown are doing their chores, white-washing houses, painting black fences white or white fences black, hanging out washing on their Zebra-striped washing lines or sitting indoors watching their monochrome television sets. In the centre of the town is a signpost that would inform visitors, if there ever were any visitors, that they have entered MONOTOWN. Below the town’s name are signs pointing in all directions to ‘THE WALL’. Ma Rooke is standing at the signpost. She begins to sing, and gradually the people of the town join in with her ...

Ma Rooke - This land we will no longer call our land...
until it is free from this terrible curse,
we live in a world that has only two colours,
black and white,
and people from our town are disappearing.
This curse has been imposed by the evil Shadowfolk,
some of us are strong and willing to fight
but how do you fight against shadows?
Some of us will never surrender,
we will never compromise,
our motto is, together we are stronger.
We'll fight, oh yes we'll fight,
our motto is
be bold but be wise, together we are stronger,
be bold but be wise, together we are stronger...

Talia and Aaron are playing draughts in a field. Talia jumps her counters backwards on the board, then over every other counter on the board, regardless of their colour and in whatever direction she chooses, before proclaiming herself victorious.

Talia - I win.
Aaron - You broke the rules so you can't win.
Talia - Whose rules?
Aaron - Whose rules? The rules. The rules of the game. You can't win unless you play by the rules, Tal.
Talia - (Laughing as she gets up and starts walking away) Anyway I'm bored with draughts. Let's walk down to the river. Or are there rules against that as well?

Aaron puts the draughts and board back in his mini games compendium, places the box in his rucksack, and catches up with Talia. 
As they make their way the blackbirds and the whitebirds are swooping down onto Black Ink River, the black and white geese march their fluffy little goslings in single file along the riverbank like a mobile zebra crossing. It is a calm and peaceful day and Talia is humming to herself as she approaches a beautiful apple tree. She picks two juicy moonlight white apples and a third one just falls off its branch, straight into her hands.

Aaron - That's strange.
Talia - What's strange?
Aaron - This apple tree. I've never noticed it before...

And so the adventure begins...